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Announcing my new book: Interactive web-based data visualization with R, plotly, and shiny

My online book (previously known as plotly for R, now titled Interactive web-based data visualization with R, plotly, and shiny) has received a major update with heaps of new examples and content! A print/pdf version of the book is now under review and should become available in the coming months. In the meantime, please do send me feedback or any comments as I would appreciate your input during the review process!

For those already somewhat familiar with the book, here is some highlights of the biggest additions and changes:

  1. A new top-level Introductory chapter helping to explain what’s in and not in the book.

  2. Chapters are now organized into 6 parts: Creating views, Publishing views, Combining multiple views, Linking multiple view, Custom behavior with JavaScript, and Various special topics.

  3. The ‘plotly cookbook’ chapter has expanded into several chapters (Part I: Creating Views), complete with a new Overview Chapter, a much more complete Chapter on scatter traces, and much more on mapping functionality.

  4. Lots of new examples and documentation of plotly’s ability to link views client-side as well as server-side with shiny

  5. Lots of new examples and documentation about writing custom event handlers in JavaScript (see Part V: Custom behavior with JavaScript).

  6. Updated examples and writing in the Chapters Arranging views and Animating views

  7. Part VI includes a handful of new topics addressing functionality that currently isn’t well documented elsewhere, including everything you need to know about working with tooltips, colors, symbols, the modebar, and more!

  8. A new RStudio cloud project for running the code examples in the book.

Some of this content assumes you are running the development version of a few packages, so if you want to run the code examples locally, you can install all the packages (and their correct versions) with: